The Media and Me – Part 2

The task this time involves me writing how many hours a week I do the following things, which I think is a difficult task. I’ll try my best to be specific but instead I’m just going to explain whether I do these things, the context and approximately how often. Also, just a disclaimer: when I say ‘at university’ I mean while living in Sheffield, and when I say ‘at home’ I mean when I go back to where my parents live.


  • Use your mobile phone for ANYTHING including checking the time, music, texting, web, apps, phone calls, alarms etc – I don’t actually use my mobile phone all that much (just for phone calls, texts and alarms), instead I used my Ipod, (for everything else) I especially use it when I’m at a friend’s flat or within the university buildings.
  • Watch TV on a TV set – While in Sheffield at university, never. While at home, quite often, maybe for about 4 hours a day, but it’s often on in the background too.
  • Watch TV via online or catch-up services – Always, at the moment I would say for about 3 – 4 hours a week.
  • Watch DVDs/Blu-Rays – This is a very regular thing for me, especially for TV shows; there are too many hours to admit.
  • Watch films via online services (e.g. Netflix, Blinkbox etc) – Never at the moment, but I am hoping to use Netflix soon and I do also have an Amazon Prime account which hasn’t been used for a little while.
  • Watch films at a cinema – Once a month usually, however the last month I have been to the cinema 3 times.
  • Listen to music – in any environment including clubs, shops etc – All the time: I listen to music for background noise, or because it is in the background (shops), I listen to music at social events and I listen to music actively to enjoy certain artists.
  • Listen to radio – Never when at university, for about 2 hours every night when at home.
  • Read newspapers – including online versions – Never.
  • Read magazines or comics – including online versions – About an hour a month.
  • Read books – including electronic books, graphic novels and uni books – When at university I rarely get the chance to read except for when I’m travelling on a train, so I would say I read about 2 – 4 hours a month (which is shockingly bad). When at home, I could read for between 1 – 4 hours a day, if not for longer.
  • Use the internet – for any purpose – All the time. I don’t think I ever turn the internet off. The only time the internet is not being used is the 15 minutes walks to and from university (when wifi isn’t available), the hourly or two-hourly lectures and seminars, or when I am otherwise occupied by say a book, shopping or socialising, but even then it is usually used throughout.
  • Play games – including phone/app games, board games, consoles etc – I usually play app games for a few minutes at a time, probably for 2 hours a day altogether.

Rachel Measures

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