The Media and Me – Part 3

How has my use of media changed? How will it change? Let’s discuss the following:

  • How you use media during uni term time vs holidays – In term time, I use the internet in more varied ways (more websites used for assignments, for example). I use TV catch up services more and I listen to more music. In holidays, or when at home, I watch TV, listen to the radio. I also read more. For both, the amount of DVDs I watch is about the same.
  • How you use media now vs the two years before you came to uni – Not all that different. I may have more spare time to use media now, and more university standard assignments that I need to use the internet for but in general I wouldn’t say a lot has changed in my media usage. Although, with social media,  I use Facebook and Twitter a lot less than I did, and I use Snapchat a lot more and Instagram a little more.
  • How you use media now vs when you were 13 – I use media a lot more now. When I was 13, I didn’t read as much, I didn’t use the internet as much and I didn’t listen to the radio at all. However, I would’ve used Facebook more and I would’ve watched TV more.
  • How you use media now vs when you were 11 – As with when I was 13, I use media more now, but I probably used even less when I was 11 than when I was 13. However, the types of media used such as Facebook and TV were the same.
  • How you use media now vs when you were 7 – I hardly would’ve used the internet at this age and if I did, it was with a parent or teacher’s help. The internet wasn’t as widely used in general, let alone within my peer group, as it is now. I would’ve read more then, but not as much as I do now during holiday time.
  • How you use media now vs when you were 4 – The most media I would’ve had contact with would’ve been books and TV. The internet wasn’t even something I knew existed. I used media a lot less when I was 4 and probably witnessed more people using media than I used media myself. As you would expect of someone who was 4, especially in 2001.


How might you expect your use of media to change:

  • When you are in the later years of your course – I’m not sure my use of media will change all that much in the later years of my course. Although I might know how to use more media and I might be aware of more media. The online world would’ve increased even more, but in general I don’t think my lifestyle with media will change all too much.
  • When/if you are working full-time – I’ll interact with media less and probably be more selective in what I use and for how long as I won’t have as much spare time. I hope I’ll set aside more time to read, but also give myself an hour or two a day to watch TV and TV shows whether that will be using DVDs, catch-up services, television itself, or streaming services such as Netflix.

Rachel Measures

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