What is Media?

As a media student, a question that comes up a lot is how to define media and even as a media student this is a hard task. This is because of the wide range of things that we can call media or that can influence media.

As a class, in this week’s seminar, we each wrote our own definition of media:

  • Different platforms and interfaces that enable us to communicate with other people. It allows us to share news and information through text, video and photographs.
  • Media is the interaction between technology and communication as conducted by people.
  • Communication between different technological mediums that allow an audience to be able to have a response to a text.
  • A mass form of communication.
  • Technology to assist us in information communication.
  • Media is life – determines how we feel, think and act around others.
  • Media is technology, communication and innovation.
  • A way of accessing a vast amount of information through broadcast, print and online sources.


While none of these definitions solely define media, through this exercise, we were able to break down the term media into smaller parts. We have to start with the industries and institutions that create media and then take the most important parts of media which are communication, information, technology and interaction, the commonalities between our definitions. From that, we can see interfaces and interactions between audiences. Audiences, mass or otherwise, share, access, interact and receive broadcast, print and online media containing the mediums of text, video, photography and sound.

There is no final definition of media but all of these definitions are a part. Media is constantly evolving and it is hard to define without saying too much or not enough. After all, we do not want to miss the big picture by defining media with too many details, while we do not want to lose understanding by defining media without such details.

Rachel Measures


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