The Media and Me – Part 4

How does media play a role in everyday life? We were asked to write down the ways in which media (in any form) impact the following aspects of our life:


  • Module Facebook group(s).
  • Facebook chat groups: a larger one for people studying media, a smaller one for people in my (usual) seminar group, a chat of 3 or 4 of us for organising group work and a more social chat with my closest course mates.
  • Powerpoint presentations – while in lectures and seminars and for note taking afterwards.
  • Projector Screens, computers, ipads.
  • Blackboard/Shuspace.
  • Emails on Shuspace.
  • Library for books.
  • Books and articles to read.
  • Library Gateway (online).
  • My laptop and ipod – I use them for university work or while I’m at university.
  • Pen and Paper for notes.
  • Facebook/Snapchat/Messenger – used during university lectures or seminars.
  • Microsoft Office.


  • Supermarket Website – Online shopping
  • Advertising and marketing.



  • Phone, ipod, laptop, TV, DVDs, Speakers.
  • Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, YouTube.
  • Music, Films and TV shows.
  • App games.
  • A book that we might discuss.


  • Phone, ipod, laptop, TV, DVDs.
  • Facebook, Messenger, Instagram,
  • Music, Films and TV Shows.


  • Ipod (music) and occasionally TV.


  • TV, tablet, ipod, speakers, DVDs, CDs.
  • App games, music, films and TV shows.
  • Tickets for shows – bought online.
  • Books.

Political opinions

  • Facebook.
  • TV – news.
  • Google searches – finding political party websites.

These are my lists, but I have probably left something out of each. This is because media is everywhere and it is often invisible. Tasks like this and those in the other The Media and Me posts are only the beginning to making media visible again.

Feel free to post in the comments your own personal media usage in each of these aspects of life or even things you think I might have missed.

Rachel Measures

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