Why Media?

I am a media student. I started studying the topic in Year 10 when I picked it over textiles completely at last minute; I originally wanted to be a fashion designer. There must have been something in me that knew I was going to enjoy media. From my very first lesson I have been so passionate and it was the only work I did without feeling overwhelmed, stressed or that I was even doing work.

After achieving Distinction* in BTEC Level 2 Media, and 2 A-Levels (a Double Distinction*) in Media, I am studying for my BA Media degree. I couldn’t be happier with my course. However, I have worked hard to get into university to study a topic I enjoy and therefore, it is difficult to still see that Media or Media Studies at degree level is still perceived as an easy topic or as something to do when you excel at nothing considered ‘more academic’.


What I believe makes this worse is that the careers and opportunities that a degree in media can guide you to are complex and hard to come by. The media industry is a significantly competitive and cut-throat world. It only makes sense to pick media if you truly have a passion for it, because in my opinion, you’re going to need that determination to get anywhere with it. But if you do pick media because you love it and want to do it as a job then you’re going to have a whole lot of opportunities waiting for you.

At this point in my post, I would like to guide you towards an article on theguardian website. This article eloquently explains what I am trying to get across. Click here to go to the article.

Some points from the article I would like to additionally highlight are that ‘according to the Office of National Statistic 2013 report, people with a degree in media have the second highest employment rate in the UK.’ and that media ‘gives the people a voice or the skill to actually change people’s views or lives and I think that’s incredibly powerful.’ (theguardian, 2014)

Media is not a throwaway subject, or something to fill three years with. Media is powerful. It combines theory and production and allows its students to understand the media scopes of today and into the future that will affect us all.

Rachel Measures

theguardian (2014). Media studies: it’s not a ‘mickey mouse’ degree. [Online]. Last updated 3 February 2014. Last accessed 30 January 2016. http://www.theguardian.com/education/mortarboard/2014/feb/03/why-study-media-studies-students
I do not own the above image, it is from:  http://lessonbucket.com/category/vce-media/unit-1/

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