Vlogging: A New Media Phenomenon

What is vlogging? This was a question that bewildered people only four, five years ago. These days most people, especially of the younger generation, know the answer without a second thought. I am one of these people.

sakfjsWithout sounding too much like a hipster, I can definitely say that I was familiar with vlogging before my peers and much before ‘vloggers’ became mainstream celebrities. I remember happening upon a girl talking to a camera, her username was Meekakitty, on YouTube. From then on, I found so many more creators who sat in front of a camera and just talked about their day.

So, again, what is vlogging? The name was created by taking the word blogging and combining it with video. Vlogs are video blogs – putting it simply. In vlogs, people chat about their day or discuss specific thought-out topics. This type of vlog is often known as a ‘sit-down’ vlog where a person sets up a camera on a tripod and sits or stands in front of it. Alternatively, vlogs can be filmed by a person holding a hand-held camera in front of them while they conduct their everyday life. This type of vlog is known as ‘follow-me-around’ vlogs or ‘daily vlogs’.

Below are two examples of vlogs. The first is a ‘sit-down’ vlog by Tessa Violet (formally known as Meekakitty) and the second is a daily vlog conducted by Jim Chapman. These are two of my favourite YouTube personalities.

Vlogging has, as I touched on earlier, become a very popular phenomenon and has changed mainstream media significantly, especially as young people use TV and radio less than previous generations. YouTube, as a platform, is one of many platforms replacing traditional media, along with subscription services such as Netflix.

Media is no longer the same and this is somewhat proved by advertising. Advertisers have turned to online personalities, such as vloggers on YouTube, to sell their products, through product placements and sponsorships.

BBC Three produced a documentary, which was recently on TV (just before BBC3 became an exclusively online channel), presented by YouTuber Jim Chapman. In the documentary, Jim talks about vlogging and how it impacts the lives of the creators and their audiences. This documentary manages to give a glimpse into the work of those that ‘vlog’ as a paid job. I found it very interesting. Click here to watch it for yourself while it is still on BBC iPlayer (if it has disappeared search for Rise of the Superstar Vloggers).

Vlogging is still very new, but it has already changed so much about mainstream media. YouTubers such as Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg (Zoella) have become so popular that their names are known by most households, children are growing up watching these vloggers rather than children’s television, Zoe and Alfie have been on TV such as The Great British Bake-off and have even been made into wax-figures for Madame Tussauds.

Rachel Measures

I do not own the above image, it is from: http://www.gogirlmagz.com/blog/detail/yuk-mulai-vlogging.html

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