Conducting a Log: Your Findings

I had to log three consecutive days (72 hours) of my media usage. I started at midnight on the 25th January and ended at midnight on the 27th January. I chose these three days because they gave a better cross section of my usage with days where I attended university and days where I did not.

During these three days I noted my media usage on my iPod Touch using the notes app. It allowed me to quickly record what media I was using and the duration I was using it for. I always have my iPod Touch on me so it was easy to pick up when I had something to log. After the three days, I transferred all this information into the log using the template provided.

There were a few difficulties; less than I had expected. Fortunately, I remembered to note down the media I used, and had no difficulties regarding the definition of media or deciding what to log as I had decided this before the start. Limiting my media usage to the things I was actively involved in stopped me from becoming overwhelmed by logging it all. However, I found that by logging my media usage I wanted to use less media to prevent having to write it down. I had to remind myself to be genuine and use the media as I would usually to gain a representative result.

I found that I use more media when I am alone; this tends to reflect the greater duration of time to use media (such as watching television). This does not mean I do not use media when socialising or at university. However, much of this media consumption is carried out in a social context, i.e. when playing ‘The Sims 3’ with a friend or viewing a PowerPoint presentation during a lecture in an academic context.

It is common for people to have a favourite device that they prefer to interface with and view media. I tend to favour my laptop most; however, I like to interact with multiple devices at the same time. This was brought to my attention most poignantly whilst recording my log as I recorded using my laptop, my tablet and iPod simultaneously.

I expected to use many different media throughout these three days but my findings showed me that I tend to stick to the same few apps and websites; this was extremely surprising and interesting. I used Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, The Sims Freeplay, Spotify and the Email app frequently and I visited Facebook and YouTube websites most.

This log reflected a typical three days’ usage (it is authentic and genuine in every way) at least as typical as my usage is whilst in Sheffield during semester time. My findings would have been different had I conducted the three days at home in Lincoln. This log is representative of my media usage and will provide accurate information for analysis and evaluation.

Rachel Measures


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