A middle-aged man and his two daughters had to be rescued after their walk in the hills turned treacherous due to severe weather conditions.

kinder-scout_3455965a-largeSimon Lavery, 53, from Woodseats, and his two daughters, Gillian, 17, and Sophie, 20, were rescued from Kinder Scout in the Peak District on 12th February. The family had set off from Edale but became lost when bad weather closed in. In attempting to leave, Mr Lavery slipped and fell 100 metres down a steep slope, breaking his collar bone.

Gillian Lavery, a Sheffield student, called emergency services. A rescue helicopter assisted in the search using thermal imaging to pinpoint the group. Unable to attempt a rescue due to high winds, it was four hours before the Rescue Team located them.

Sheltering under a large rock, all three showed early signs of hypothermia when rescuers found them. Mr Lavery, with shock taking its toll, was failing fast. He was taken to Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, along with his daughters. All three were released after an overnight stay.

Bob Weston of Kinder Mountain Rescue, said: “Although these three were reasonably experienced walkers they simply weren’t equipped for the near-artic conditions that swept in. They were lucky to get off the hill alive.”

The Kinder Mountain Rescue urges walkers to check their equipment before setting out. Warm clothing, a whistle, a torch and emergency shelter are considered essential.

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Rachel Measures

Disclaimer – THIS IS NOT A REAL NEWS STORY. This was written for a recent assignment.
I do not own the above image, it is from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/united-kingdom/articles/UK-autumn-walks-Kinder-Scout-Peak-District/

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