Raspberry Pi

This is a short post about the Raspberry Pi as I have recently been introduced to this technology and I am eager to learn more about it.

The Raspberry Pi is a small-sized computer which is largely inexpensive and allows for much customization. You can plug it into a monitor with a mouse and keyboard like any other computer.

The purpose of the Raspberry Pi is to teach people about programming and allow people of all ages to learn to programme a computer, especially in the languages of Scratch and Python.


Although I do not study IT or programming, I find the Raspberry Pi and the idea around it to be very interesting, especially as our world becomes more technologically dependent. As a media student, the work I do is one part social science, one part creativity and one part technology, therefore, looking at programming could potentially be extremely useful in my future career, and I am sure it will make me stand out from the crowd of many other media graduates.

I found this information about the Raspberry Pi on their website; if you want to find out more click here.

Please comment below if you know any more about the Raspberry Pi as it is something I really want to try and work with.

Thank you,

Rachel Measures

I do not own the above image, it is from: http://projects-raspberry.com/raspberry-pi-wi-fi-media-server/

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