TV Audiences on Twitter

For prep work, I was asked to choose a TV programme to watch live and follow the hashtag on Twitter. I chose The One Show and followed #TheOneShow on Twitter.

How easy was it to follow the discussion?

As I was watching the TV programme at the same time, I was easily able to follow the lines of thought. There was little discussion as no one communicated with each other, instead individuals tweeted out their thoughts.


What kinds of tweets were there?

The majority of tweets were related to, or commenting on the topics within the show such as spy technology, The Night Manager, the EU Referendum and the band Ocean Colour Scene. The most popular topics were Ocean Colour Scene, with IMG_3718many ‘fans’ shocked at how old the band looked and how old that made them to be, and the referendum with many sharing their opinions on whether or not England should stay connected to the EU.

Actor David Harewood appeared on the show as a guest and promoted the recent BBC drama The Night Manager starring Tom Hiddleston. Many tweets were about Mr. Harewood and The Night Manager, with a couple of tweets sharing people’s excitement at a potential upcoming second series.

There was a brief mention of Butternut Scotch that seemed to intrigue twitter users on The One Show hash tag, with some wondering what it is and deciding it sounded delicious.  It was another of the popular Twitter topics, which issurprising considering it was a throwaway line on the show mentioned briefly in an example.

Additionally, there were four tweets about The One Show host Alex Jones all commenting on her IMG_3717appearance. A few commented on another of the guests, who works at the BBC promoting discussion about the EU referendum. There were also a few negative tweets about the show.

In terms of the mechanics of tweets, there were many people who @ replied other Twitter users, including Alex Jones (@MissAlexjones) and David Harewood (@DavidHarewood). Many used additional hashtags other than #TheOneShow such as; #Brexit, #TheNightManager, #EUReferendum, #Moseleyshoals and #daywecaughtthetrain. A handful of people attached photos to their tweets; one individual had taken a picture of their TV while watching The One Show.

Did the show encourage Twitter discussion?

Very simply, no. There was no mention of Twitter throughout the entirety of the broadcast. The only web related promotion was on the end screen of the programme showing – promoting their own website. However, the website itself does suggest following @BBCTheOneShow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Did people involved in making the programme tweet?

No. Not a single person involved in the show tweeted anything to do with it during the airing of tonight’s episode (21/03/2016).

Rachel Measures

This post was written on the 21/03/2016 and uploaded on the 25/03/2016.
I do not own the large image above, it is from:
The other images (of tweets) were screenshots from my own Twitter feed.

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