Case Study: Gleam Futures

This week I discovered what I actually want to be doing after university. I am no longer another media student with the reputation that I picked my degree simply because I had no idea what else to do… I would love to work for Gleam Futures working with Talent (at the moment they have jobs going for Talent Manager and Talent Coordinator).

The company coined the phrase ‘digital-first talent’. This describes individuals who have built considerable audience and influence on social media channels. Gleam manages the top social creators in the world. They ‘develop, monetise and protect’. They are talent agents.


Gleam is a company that was founded by Dominic Smales in 2010. Previously he had worked in media and production for 15 years and saw an emerging talent on social media platforms develop. He saw a gap in the market and soon jumped upon this chance. After three months, his company were managing Pixiwoo, a highly popular channel on YouTube featuring two sisters, Sam and Nic Chapman. He had seen them on YouTube’s homepage and contacted them. Managing them meant he soon was helping them with commercial decisions.  YouTubers hold an incredible influence over their audiences and the vlogging phenomenon has grown dramatically over the last few years and with it so has Gleam.

Some of their other clients include: Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, The Lean Machines, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler, Niomi Smart, Alfie Deyes, Zoe Sugg, Ruth Crilly, Haste’s Kitchen and Caroline Hirons.

To work for this company, I am going to have to get several years experience in order to even be considered for my dream job but at least I finally have an aim with an ultimate career goal.

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