Identity – How do I Identify?

I identify as: 

  • a female
  • short
  • a student
  • a volunteer
  • an adult
  • a nerd
  • a McFly fan
  • a TV fan
  • a music fan
  • British
  • Christian
  • a Feminist

What do you identify as?

Where do the different aspects of your identity come from?

  • genetics
  • culture
  • likes/ dislikes
  • preferences
  • country
  • friends

How do you use media to reflect/inform your own identity? 

The media represents parts of our culture, and idealised values. Through culture we adopt certain ideas, fashions and trends. Not only does media tell us what we identify as, but it is also a platform in which we show off our identities.


‘We are all unique’ 

‘None of us are unique’

In ways we are all unique, individual and different – we are all made up of varying interlinking and overlapping identities. However, in the nature of us all being human, we are naturally going to be similar in some ways.


Everyone has this feeling that their real self is hidden away inside and that no one ever sees it. However, social experience determines how we identify, since our experiences are all the experience we have. This leads us to question… surely our inner real selves are influenced by our culture just as much as our outer selves.

These are notes from my Year 2 Semester 1 lectures and seminars.
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