Perceptions of Perfection – Nationality

In my recent seminar, regarding the topic of Nationality, we were shown these websites in which graphics designers around the world edited a photo of a woman (in part 1) and a man (in part 2) to make the model more attractive in regards to the preferences of their nation. In this post I just wanted to share this with you.

Part 1


Part 2


The Average Men And Women’s Faces In Different Countries sees a range of images that show us what we can expect people from each nationality to look like or at least similar to.


The last thing I want to share here is an article showing a woman who had her makeup photoshopped in the same way as the first two models were.


Please click on the links throughout to find out more about each of these projects. I think its extremely interesting to see how different nations have different opinions of perfection or beauty.

The images are from the websites linked throughout this post.

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