Gender (2)

Being Trans, Non-binary and Drag Queens

The real problem: Recently people held a day of remembrance for all those killed by transphobic violence (and related suicides). Bisexuals endure worst mental health problems.

Reclamation: This is the attempt, by groups, to reclaim words and ideas that might have once been negative. ‘Reverse discourse’ – Foucault 1978. They take back the word to take back the power. E.g. dyke, slut, the N word, bitch.

Queer was once a word for something strange, a little bit weird, and then became the word to describe those in the LGBT community negatively. However, now it is the term used to describe some people in the LGBT (LGBTQ+) community just as fact.


Judith Butler: The idea that gender and identity are a ‘performance’. Gender is different to biological sex, and is something we ‘do’.

In 2014, Facebook changed their gender options for people making profiles from male/female to a long list of choices. They also use the term ‘them’ for asking people to wish their friend Happy Birthday: ‘wishing them a Happy Birthday’ rather than ‘wishing him/her a Happy Birthday’.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

‘Drag threatens people because it exposes and mocks identity. Because most people believe that they are what it says they are on their driver’s license. But the truth is we are all born naked, and the rest is drag. (RuPaul 2014)’

These notes are from my year two semester one lectures and seminars.
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