Religion (2)


– Religion as a ‘social problem’ connected to race and nationality.

– The media only represents certain religions and certain aspects of these religions.

– Often portrayed using stereotypes.

– Certain things can and cannot  be shown/discussed depending on how the media is regulated.

Religion and the Media

– Printing press: used to print bibles.

– The media are tools given by God.

– Although, some religion sees media as problematic or dangerous.

– Media related panics: e.g. Harry Potter (Should Christian children be introduced to Harry Potter).

– Religious people feel the need to have opinions on media.

Media Used Today

– Using social media and blogs to share faith.

– Using social media as a place for inter-religious dialogue.

– Hashtag campaigns and discussions.

– Memes and virals as expressing religious humour.

Religious Audiences on Representations

Cachen: The indigenous population is indifferent and even hostile to religion. I don’t think it will be to the benefit of either Sikhs or Hindus to increase their profile and have the contempt that some muslims evoke in the country.

Jane: They’ll get the most extreme priests/vicars they can find, and put them in a room of sceptics, and edit it accordingly to portray the priests showing homophobic behaviour and saying list of “you-shouldn’ts” all the time… I was horrified! If Christianity was truly like that, I would not be a churchgoer myself.

Poisonphoto: My Best friend is a Muslim and he hates the way other Muslims are being portrayed in the Media… He has told me that too many uneducated freaks are now claiming they are Muslims; they are however, getting the Genuine, law-abiding, tolerant and peaceful Muslims a Bad reputation.

Religious Advertising

– Lord’s Prayer advert was banned from cinemas because Digital Cinema Media has a longstanding policy of not accepting political or religious advertising’.

– ‘The Church of England has said it is “bewildered” by the refusal of the country’s leading cinemas to show a 60 second advert of The Lord’s Prayer, adding that the “plain silly” decision could have a “chilling effect” on free speech…’



Religious apps are used by many religious people. For Christians digital bibles are popular.

‘Theological debates about merits of print vs digital: technologies seen as progressive and a way of connecting to God in daily life vs technologies seen as disruptive, less ‘special’ and not possessing same qualities as physical Bible.’

Websites are used for Digital sacred spaces, allowing people to see services, confess online and talk to other people in their religion.

These notes and the images are from my Year 2 Semester One lectures and seminars.



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