Feature Writing – 11 Things About Me

This task consisted of us writing something about ourselves using each heading as our prompt. The point of this was to find out writing voice.

11 Things About Me

My name – and the name I’d really like to have:

I am called Rachel Louise Beatrice Measures. Louise is my middle name because my Dad wanted to call me that and my Mum disagreed, so after they settled on Rachel (I’m not sure why that name but I like it so I won’t complain), Louise became my middle name. However, in my family there is a tradition for my generation, us kids in the family, to have their middle name be either our great-grandmother’s name (for the females) or our great-grandfather’s name (for the males) on my Mum’s side of the family.

Although I love my name, when I was a child I was obsessed with The Princess Diaries and the main character Mia. I was forever calling myself Mia when I played ‘make-believe’ or would use that name for main characters in my stories. If I had to pick any other name for myself, it would probably be that.

My New Year Resolution:

 I don’t really have any resolutions for 2017 but in my head I am taking greater care to be kinder, to be a better person and to have courage. I want to make other people happy while also having the strength to live my own life and do the things that scare me. I even bought myself a New Year’s present, a Nomination bracelet, with an engraved charm reminding me to ‘have courage’.

This year I want the courage to move past the things that upset me at the end of 2016 and to build myself up again. I also want courage in my career, to continue going for opportunities within the university, and in applying for placements or work experience and in deciding what I want to be doing when I graduate.

My worst ever outfit:

I remember back at the start of Secondary School I thought my outfits were so cool. While my clothing choices were a bit mad, I thought that I was trendy for having an ‘alternative’ look. What this alternative look consisted of, however, was a print T-shirt, white denim shorts with pockets longer than the leg, print leggings (for days when black tights weren’t colourful enough) and a long, checked shirt consisting of a lot of pink. I thought I was so cool, but now I look back and cringe. I mixed way too many patterns and colours, but at least I had confidence. What an incredible gift it would be to have that confidence now; I couldn’t imagine myself wearing any of that now.

What’s under my bed:

I’m in the interesting position, of having a bed at home and a bed at Sheffield, that I have two beds to keep things under. However, neither is more interesting than the other and both largely house empty boxes. At home I also have a folded-away camping bed which I sometimes use when a friend stays over, tubs full of gaming equipment: my Xbox, my Wii-fit board, Lego minifigures: I got in the habit of collecting (I’m secretly a massive child), magazines: Doctor Who magazines from another collection of figures, and lastly, electronics: wires, old iPods, old phones, cameras, and headphones.

What’s in my bag:

For the first day of semester, I am sporting my red tartan checked backpack so that I can fit books and food. Today the bag contains my planner, my Feature Writing notebook, my Researching for the Media notebook, a bottle of blackcurrant and apple juice, a 6 pack of Hula Hoops; one bag missing its crisps as they were eaten at lunchtime, gloves, painkillers, girl things (well you did ask), a brush and my purse.

My favourite time of day:

The evening as it goes into night time is my favourite part of any day, usually because all my work is done, or at least put aside for the day, the good TV shows are on and people are around to go to the Pub Quiz, watch a movie, have a few drinks or just sit around and chat. It is my most relaxing part of the day, when I stop worrying about the day I’m living, and when I haven’t had chance to start worrying about the next day.

My guilty social media secret:

I’m on it too much. Boring, I know. While it’s sad to say, I don’t have a secret Twitter account to rave about my favourite band on, or a secret Snapchat that my parents aren’t allowed to know about. My only guilty social media practise is being on it ALL the time. I check Facebook and see what my friends and family are up to, after that it’s Instagram to see what people are taking pictures of or bragging about, and then after that its Snapchat. Once I’ve watched all my friends’ stories I head to Twitter to see what my favourite YouTubers and celebrities are doing. Following this, I open Tumblr to see the latest Johnny Depp news (I’m obsessed) and now, I must check WhatsApp, because my friend urged me to download it the other day.


The furthest-away place I’ve ever been:

Scotland. I’m not that well-travelled, I’m afraid. But because I have family in Scotland, I get to visit Glasgow at least once a year. This year, I went for New Year’s to celebrate both Hogmanay and to celebrate my Grandma’s 70th birthday and Great-Uncle’s 65th birthday with a big family party in the local golf club.

What I’m reading at the moment (apart from this):

I am terrible at reading, I am so slow and when I’m busy, I suck at making time to pick up a book. At the moment, I guess, I am technically still reading The Book Thief (though I started to read it in August and haven’t read much more since). For Christmas, though, I was bought Fleur De Force’s new book, The Luxe Life, which I have read half of so far. It’s a lot easier to read than The Book Thief, that’s for sure!

My favourite way to waste time:

My favourite way to waste time is by chatting to friends and family. It’s amazing how time flies when you go into a room with the intention just to check something, but end up chatting for hours with your Mum or your flatmate, who you happen to find in there.

What’s most important in life:

Being happy. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are happy and surround yourself with people that make you feel great. It’s cheesy, but it’s true. Life is too short to be stressed out by those around you. Make friends with people who build you up instead of bring you down.

The above image is of me (on the left) surrounded by my course besties…

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