Case Study: Smoking Gun PR

Looking for placements has lead me to Smoking Gun PR, a PR company that works to make ‘people genuinely excited about the brands on [their] books through ingenious thinking and daring concepts‘; priding themselves ‘on delivering ingenious media strategies fit for this new golden era of public relations exploration, mapping out quality press coverage whilst building direct conversations between [their] clients and their customers‘.

Achieving ‘Best Consumer PR Agency’ in 2015 Smoking Gun PR are obviously doing something right for their clients, who include: Silent Night, Oven Pride, Virgin Holidays, Hex Bug, Support Adoption for Pets and Calypso.


Their team seems to be made up of genuinely friendly and dedicated people, and they are open to applications from a range of different people with different levels of experience. They invest in their staff, providing training each year and they even help their staff’s personal development.

‘From saxophone to baking, motorcycling to Arabic lessons, nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing out people grow’.

Smoking Gun PR also donate 1% of their annual profits to a chosen charity: their current choice of charity is The Starlight Children’s Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester.

I genuinely think it would be great to work with this company, they care about their staff and because of this their staff are determined to do the best by their clients by coming up with ingenious and interesting PR campaigns. I will apply for a placement at Smoking Gun PR, and whether I am successful or not, whoever gains it will be gaining a fantastic opportunity.

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