Smoking Guns 2017 PR Trends

Using Smoking Gun’s blog, I will try to explain the trends of 2017 in brief. For the full story go ahead to their website here.

Mindfulness – The quest for self-improvement is big right now, its cool to want to be smarter, healthier and more creative. People are turning to Artificial Intelligence to achieve their goals using apps. We can see a relationship between self-improvement and technology.

Virtual Experiences – Thanks to Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality is hot right now. We expect to see more brands using it as a platform to add value to a consumers’ experience.

Worlds Apart – Marketing is going to be affected heavily by the political and economic state of the world and de-globalisation. Brands can use this opportunity to engage in the ‘new global citizens’ or ‘nation nurturers’ but this can only be done with a lot of thought and consideration.

Cultural Social Responsibility – This means doing the right thing by humanity, brands themselves are meaning less and less when, for example, people can 3D print their own trainers, but by stepping into fund restoration and repair work, brands can demonstrate their commitment to their consumers and their locality.

Subversion Tactics – Brands are starting to shout out about what they’re against. This also highlights what they stand for and are passionate about. Craft Brewery & Co. delivered a campaign that actually required people to buy their competitors beers. They asked people to bring an unopened commercial beer to their Crap Beer Amnesty event – and then subsequently dumped all the beers in the street and destroyed them using a mini digger. It was a brave move but offered a real attitude that stood out.


Out There Individuals – More and more technologies are offering services to the more unique groups of people such as dating apps for the disabled or talkback functions for the visually impaired. The trend is born out of wanting to be accepted and receive fair treatment. Brands need to work out how they can help consumers express their identities.

Inner Circles – A trend that moves away from smartphone culture. Removing ourselves from the online world and back into the real world with real people. Ikea launched pop-up DIY restaurants where guests could invite family and friends.

Humans Renewed – People are becoming increasingly anxious that they will be replaced by technology and artificial intelligence. But there will be new professions born from it allowing people to develop new skills and careers. Those that utilise tech to serve human values will have the most impact within this trend.

Suspended Adulthood – This is the latest Millennial trend as this generation is faced with an increasingly uncertain future. Brands are utilising the need to escape into your inner child, ignoring the everyday stresses of life, with giant adult ball pits, carnivals and summer camps; experience-driven events without the need for a smartphone.

Branded Education – Consumers are demanding greater transparency and brands are offering documentaries and tours to allow for this.

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