The Protest

With the political situation as it is, many people across the globe have been protesting many of Trump’s decisions as American President. In Sheffield, this has been no different and following a large protest on Monday 30th January, a lecturer of ours recommended that we go to the next protest to simply experience it. Taking this advice, myself and a few course mates went to a protest on Saturday 4th February. The people were protesting the Muslim ban and Teresa May’s involvement with Donald Trump.

‘Dump Trump, Sack May’ was a slogan circulating during the two hour protest.

People held placards including some of my course mates, while I decided to watch the action without getting directly involved. It was interesting to hear the speakers, to see the newspapers that the protesters were selling and to see real people holding real placards in person for the first time.

Below are some of my photos from the day:



In no way am I using this post to forward my political views. I try my best to be neutral on this blog with the only exception being my views in regards to feminism. The purpose of this post is to mark the occasion of the protest and my attendance at it which was purely under the advice of my seminar tutor.

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