Post Modernism

– Post modernism is used in a wide range of disciplines: art, literature, philosophy, media and architecture.
– Jean-Francois Lyotard popularised the concept of ‘Post Modernism’.
– There was a loss of faith in all encompassing theories e.g. religion, Marxism, liberalism, feminism, science.
– their was growing scepticism in their ‘truth claims’.
– a rejection of moral, political or aesthetic absolutes.
– Key idea: Pluralism – a plurality of voices is provided by post-modern media.
– Key idea: Relativism – no way of distinguishing between competing theories.
1) Relationship between Media/Culture and Society
– Jean Baudrillard: Media/Culture and the economy have become one and the same thing: Consumption: what we buy, what determines what we buy, increasingly determined by media/pop culture.
– Jean Baudrillard and Hyperrealism: The media has become our reality. Reality is created by the media. There is a collapse between reality and fiction.
2) What’s distinctive about Post Modern Media & Culture?
– Frederic Jameson: The disappearance of depth, seriousness, strong narratives, critical approach especially to capitalism. Replaced by shallowness and an obsession with surface and style.
Post Modern Media is: 
PASTICHE – imitation, borrowing without satire.
NOSTALGIC – backward looking, longing for the golden age when ‘times were simpler’.
PARASITIC – feeds off itself, constant recycling.
SCHIZOPHRENIC – breakdowns in meaning, fragmented with a jumble of messages.
3) What’s the relationship between high culture and popular culture? 
– Post Modern culture respects no boundaries.
– no longer a separation between art and advertising e.g. Pop Art.
– uncritical and unchallenging.
– High culture borrows from popular culture and popular culture borrows from high culture until neither exists only Post Modern culture.
These notes are from my year two, semester two lectures and seminars. The above image is from:

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