20 Years Of Buffy

Today marks 20 years since Joss Whedon’s TV Show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, first aired. I wanted to write a post on it to mark the day because I am a huge fan of the TV Show and as a media student it is a really interesting show to look at.

First of all, Buffy has become an amazing example of transmedia storytelling, where upon the story is expanded across multiple platforms and mediums, all of which are different and experienced as ‘canon’ – the idea that all of the content is accepted as a part of the mythology of the story which started with the TV show (though technically started with the film Joss Whedon worked on before).


Secondly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer broke boundaries, in that it featured a blonde girl alone in an alleyway and a monster, a vampire, approaches her. Instead of the monster hurting the girl, the girl hurt it. The girl was independent, strong and did not need help from anyone else. This show has given so many people confidence through the characters portrayed.

This was something that resonated with me, back when I was a kid, and even now as a 20-year-old. When I feel down, I think of Buffy and how she managed so many times on her own and it reminds me that I can do the things I’m afraid of, or get through the things that are bothering me.

Happy 20th Anniversary ❤

PS. This post did go up a day late. I apologise for that but my list of excuses is as follows: a deadline, end of campaigns week and results night.

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