Sense8 – My New Favourite Show

Usually I recommend things like this on my personal blog (click here) but today I wanted to recommend Sense8 on this blog because the biggest reason why I love it so much is because of how it is made. This post will be brief but here are 5 reasons why Sense8 is great!


  1. Sense8 is shot all around the world, with scenes featuring several countries all at once, which I find fascinating.
  2. There are some truly phenomenal scenes where the music, the shots and the acting is incredible and work so well together.
  3. This show really promotes empowerment. Female, male, LGBT, anything.
  4. It is forward-thinking and is one of the first shows to feature a transgender actress in a transgender part.
  5. The story line is really good. Its complex with lots of characters own story lines eventually merging into one.

So far there is only one season but on May 5th the second season comes out and I can’t wait!! Go check it out on Netflix (and watch the ‘making of’ too!)

I do not own the above image it is from:

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