The Curse of being a Media Student

I have written posts in the past talking about how awful it is to be tainted with the same old perception that I have with being a media student. That we are not clever, that we only took the course because we could not do anything else, that we have no aim in life so just went with the easiest thing. No. I picked my course because its something I love and I am actually good at it.


The amount of people that get to my course and then realise, oh no this is intellectual, is actually shocking and it is because of these perceptions. But I love my course, I am challenged and I am able to grow and learn. I’m actually proud of myself for being where I am.

The reason why I bring this up again, is because I recently read this article:

Everyone Told Me a Media Studies Degree Would Be a Waste of Time. They Were Wrong.

Please take a read of the article to see Katie Skelton’s take on this issue. I was fortunate, because unlike Katie, I never had anyone telling me I should not do the course I wanted to do. No one told me it would be a waste of time, that it was below me, or that I should do something different. My school never argued with me, my parents never said a bad word and if anything, they are proud of me. I know I am very fortunate.

Media still has this taint, and a lot of people struggle to do what they want to do because of it, or they end up doing a course that they expected would be very very different. Media includes technology, social science and humanities. It is no longer just about studying film, TV, newspapers and radio.

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