Netflix: A week of news

This week there have been a few Netflix related announcements, which I will discuss below. These changes are important as they show how Netflix is continuing to move from being a content-sharing platform towards being a creator. This is particularly interesting to me as I will be beginning a research project on this phenomena as the academic year begins again for, that’s right, my 3rd year. How time flies when you have impending deadlines creeping up on you.

So first of, Netflix just bought comic book publisher Millarworld. Millarworld was founded by Mark Millar, author to Kick-Ass and Kingsman as well as a ‘number of comic books for Marvel including Old Man Logan and Civil War.

This means that should Netflix want to, they could start their own superhero franchise rivalling that of Marvel and DC, though Millar has stated that Kick-Ass and Kingsman are not part of the deal. #Awks


So there was that announcement on Monday… then on Tuesday we saw what looks like the beginnings of Disney Vs. Netflix as Disney announced that they were going to end ‘its distribution deal with Netflix in 2019, launching its own standalone subscription service instead‘.

Though Netflix appears to be going towards being a platform that only holds their own content, this news does seem quite harsh and makes the two companies competitors as both continue to make their own content.

Finally, in this week’s Netflix news, it was announced that David Letterman is making a return but instead of returning to TV, he’s heading to Netflix to come out of retirement.

The ‘Late Show’ host will have a six-episode first season featuring one-hourly shows with one in-depth interview per episode. 

Exciting times ahead so I’d best keep paying that £5.99 a month towards it all – right?

Let me know any Netflix related thoughts in the comments.


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