What is YouTube becoming? Some thoughts on what was an upcoming platform

I’ve written about YouTube, and my love of it as a platform before, and how its become bigger and bigger, seeing some of the my favourite YouTubers become household names, but now I’m feeling quite disillusioned with it all.

YouTube became popular because it allowed people to be who they wanted to be. The community was small, people uploaded for the fun of it and not to be paid, and the outside world either thought YouTubers were strange or they had no idea it was happening at all. Move on a few years, and we see YouTubers becoming celebrities and owning mansions, and having businesses full of book deals and makeup lines. And that’s great… to a point.


I never really watched Zoella, and the YouTubers I do watch, I had no qualms with… but following the events and controversy following the release of Zoella’s £50 advent calendar, everything started to crack. The YouTubers I watch, I realise, have so much money, they can buy what they want, whenever they want, regardless of price, or they get handed it to them for free because of who they are and what they represent. They live these luxury lives with kitchen taps that literally, at a press of a button, can pour sparkling or still water to drink. Again, that’s great, that’s so cool, and that’s a place we’d all aim for in life.

BUT, again, I started to realise how different YouTube has become. People start a YouTube channel to make their own business, they use it to recommend products in the hope that they get sent products for free, and they lose themselves doing it. Being so scared to lose their following, which of course, when you’re living off the money they allow you to earn, makes sense. BUT it means they become these other people, these celebrities, these representations of themselves and they lose their personality and their relatability.

Losing this loses what YouTube was all about. We liked to watch YouTubers because they were like us, just an individual telling us about and showing us their lives, helping us to know how alike we were to them, but when their lives are lavish, and they have their businesses, and busy professional schedules, how can we relate? I used to love YouTube, and I really don’t want to lose this love, but the industry is so different and I think its making so many people a little bit fed up.

Photo: https://thedowntowntea.com/2015/11/my-top-7-favorite-college-youtubers/

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