A Trip to the Cinema – Thor: Ragnarok

As a fan of Marvel, I went with a friend to see the new Thor film after being told by my housemate (who had never seen any of the Marvel films) that it was a really good, funny film.


I knew Marvel liked the odd joke, but I also knew the Thor films were a lot more serious than some of the others. But as I watched the film, I found it was really light-hearted, albeit a little silly at times. Very unlike the first two.

I then noticed how ’80s the film was, very similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, and still very unlike the first two Thor films. It seems that the 80s are big in fashion at the moment with shows like Stranger Things taking off.

I assume Marvel have decided to portray Thor like this to bring all the strands of their films together in readiness for Infinity War, but I also believe it could be to jump on the trend bandwagon, or to inject something new into a Superhero/comic book genre which people are getting bored with and have seen over and over again.

I really enjoyed the film, and I loved the ’80s soundtrack, even if I did find of the humour a little bit silly. However, while it was nice to see Hulk again, especially without the Avengers, I didn’t really see the point of him being brought into the film, it just offered he makers a chance to put the comic book fight of Thor vs. Hulk onto the big screen.

With this all being said, definitely go and watch this film if you love Marvel because I really did enjoy it.

Photo: http://grandentertainment.ro/en/grand-cinema-more/filme/thor-ragnarok-3d

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